Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hat-trick: third time first place in PACC contest

Today the results of the PACC contest were published. It was a tighter match than last year but we again made it to the first spot in our category: multi operator / single TX using the call PG55G. 

After scoring a close second in 2015 we have now won the PACC contest three years in a row. We scored the most #QSOs and #multipliers for all single TX participants and we did this with the lowest error margin in our category.

Our score was lower than last year. We scored almost the same amount of of QSOs (-1%) but almost 9% less multipliers than last year. This was due to the high bands being far worse. In 2017 we logged  only two QSOs on 10m but quite a few on 15m. This time we logged two QSOs on 15m and none on 10m - so we lost a whole band. 

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