Who is YNOMY?
YNOMY is a radio amateur group consisting of PD7YY, PE5TT and PH0NO. We cooperate in radio activities ranging from contests to the activating of special locations. We started working together to activate our regional club call during the PACC contest. We found truth in a Dutch saying that goes: fun shared is double the fun. So expect more activities from us in the future.

We are active under our own callsigns, PI4ANH (Arnhem regional club call), or different temporary / special callsigns both in PA as well as abroad.

I grew up with hamradio as son of a ham. In the 80's i start listening on VHF followed by the Magic Band (6 meter) in the nineties. I like the different sort of propagation like ES, MS, aurora and TEP. In 2010 I became a ham myself. Main focus is the 10 meter band and hunting DXCC and IOTA. I like to participate in contests and to activate different IOTA.   

PE5TT (fka PG8M)
From hard earned money I bought a 22-channel FM president KP-44 with 0,5Watt output back in 1980. That was the start of my radio-active career. But soon I realized that SSB was much more fun and started experimenting with that for a few years. I always have on and off periods in my hobby  and after a period of little activity I started studying for the full-license in 1991. I passed it in 1992 including the then mandatory 12WPM CW. Home-brewing has always been a major part of the hobby for me, and with a homemade 80Mtr CW transceiver I made many contacts the first years.  Later I gathered better equipment and during the 90's I was active at the local radio club. That was followed by another period with little activity until ~2010. I am now at a location with much better antenna possibilities and trying to work as many countries as possible. I like CW and DIGI modes and building stuff is still a major part of the hobby. 

Checkout my page at : http://daverveld.eu 

..plays radio since 1984 (11m SSB for a few years). Got my first ham license in 1994 which allowed me to use VHF FM only with very limited power. Not surprisingly I got bored with that quite quickly and remained QRT for some 16 years. I came back to the hobby in 2010 when I found out my license had been "upgraded" to include HF SSB. That inspired me to get my full license in 2011.
My main interests include designing and building (/P) antennas and activating special locations that are part of the WWFF or COTA programs (I am the coordinator for PAFF and COTA-PA). Mainly active /P due to antenna restrictions @QTH. Currently learning CW.


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