Saturday, June 27, 2015

A successful PA45FREEDOM activity

The whole month of May we operated a series of special call signs commemorating 70 years of freedom with WW2 ending in May 1945.

The series consisted of 8 calls running from PA45FREE up till PH45FREE. We also used PA45FREEDOM during one weekend (refer to our previous post).

The team consisted of PA1WBU, PA3BAS, PA3FYG, PB7Z, PD7YY, PE1BVQ, PE4BAS, PG8M and PH0NO.

We managed to log more than 11.000 contacts with almost 6.500 different operators in 117 DXCC.

This is more than we expected and means we have a lot of QSLs to send out. The QSLs arrived this week and will be processed by the station manager of PG8M.

QSLs being stamped

Ready for transport to the QSL bureau

YNOMY reached second place in PACC

Today the results of the PACC contest we operated in earlier this year was published. It tuns out that we managed to reach the second place in our category (multi operator, single radio) with our special call PE55E. 

We are actually just a stone's throw behind number one (6 QSOs, 11 multipliers difference).

We are very proud we were able to achieve this in our second serious attempt in this contest. It is remarkable we came this far if you consider we are working from a caravan with a temporary set up of mainly wire antennas - not a big gun contest station.