YNOMY awards

This page give access to the various awards we have made available for our operations. You can enter your callsign (without any "/") in the box and if you qualify for the award, it will download automatically.

YNOMY GJ WWFF expedition - 2019

We are pleased to offer awards to the chasers of our GJFF expedition. We did eight /P activities from six different nature reserves. We logged 2700+ QSOs from almost 1800 chasers in 65 DXCC. Out of all these chasers, 384 reached an award level (bronze, silver or gold). 

YNOMY HB0 WWFF expedition - 2018

There are special HB0-FF Awards for the activity by YNOMY on May 12 & 13, 2018 for active chasers. We visited 7 different HB0 parks, logged almost 1700 QSOs and 55 DXCC. Our award program resulted in 15 gold, 53 silver and 140 bronze awards for the almost 1100 different callsigns in our log.

YNOMY LX44FF expedition - 2017

We visited 7 LXFF parks, logging 2156 QSOs with 1190 unique calls from 57 DXCC. Awards are only valid for the activity by YNOMY on May 20 & 21, 2017. 

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