Friday, December 14, 2018

YNOMY plans for 2019 - new expedition but no PACC

We have some nice highlights to look back on in 2018 - a year that was not especially spectacular from a HF propagation point of view. Apart from some individual activities we had two major activities as a team: PACC and HB0 WWFF expedition.

The one and only contest we participate in to win, we won for a third time in a row - beating all single TX participants. This was a nice success, a confirmation of our strategy and a reward of the effort we put in again - setting up a proper contest station for a weekend.

The biggest highlight however was our trip to HB0. It was a real pleasure to be out for a whole weekend and work many chasers out portable with two stations on the air most of the time from gorgeous locations.

Planning for 2019 we were keen to do another WWFF expedition and hopefully replicate the fun of HB0 (2018) and LX (2017). We are in the planning stages and will update our blog once we have finalised our plans. 

After some deliberation we have decided that we will not participate in PACC this year and probably for some years to come. The reason is that we do not really perceive the challenge we need to put in the effort. We have not changed our setup, so there is nothing to test and tweak and going for a fourth win in a row just is not motivating enough.
The good news is that the first place in the MOST category of PACC is now available for one of the other teams :)

We are considering entering one of the worldwide contests in a for us competitive category, for example focusing on a specific band. This is still an idea that we need to develop further (what contest, what category, etc.)

Ending with nice memories of HB0: