Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PACC 2016 results preview and PACC 2015 trophy

Things are looking good for our ranking in PACC 2016. The list of robot scores has been published. In 2015 we used the call PE55E, this year we participated with PA55A.

YNOMY participated with the call PA55A

Trying to learn all we could learn from our first two attempts (2014 and 2015) seems to have paid off. Now we will have to wait for all the log checks to find out how accurate we and our contacts have been. Last year our error% was very low.

This is a good time to look back at the award ceremony of PACC 2015. We came in second in the MOST category. PD7YY and PG8M went to the ceremony to claim our trophy. Below you can see both Marcel's looking proud (well, at least one Marcel is) showing off the huge trophy.