Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Watch for PC55C in PACC

This year we will be competing in the PACC ham radio contest for the fourth time in a row. The last two times we managed to get into the top 3 (2015 2nd place as PE55E and 2016 1st place as PA55A) and we are hoping to get a good result again this year.

Just like the last two times we will be using a special call for the occasion: PC55C.

A lot of things will remain the same (at least.. that is what we think will happen - there are always surprises with our field day approach). We will be using the same antennas as last year and operate from the same campsite.

There is one planned improvement and one slight setback. We are considering using a higher center support pole for our 160/80m dipoles (26m instead of 18m). That might just improve our performance on those low bands a tiny bit. The slight setback is that our former shack is rented out already. This means we will be operating quite a bit further away from the field we use for the antennas. So there will be some serious lengths of coax involved this year.

As long as the weather is not too extreme we will most certainly enjoy ourselves. We hope to get you in the log!

73 de PD7YY, PG8M & PH0NO aka PC55C

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