Sunday, March 17, 2019

WWFF expedition to GJ

After very enjoyable WWFF expeditions to LX (2017) and HB0 (2018) - logging almost 4k QSOs from around the globe - we are going to activate a number of nature reserves on Jersey Island (GJ) on May 11 and 12 of this year.   

We will be using MJ/PG8M/P and MJ/PH0NO/P on the island - alternating between these calls as we move from park to park. If you hear us (or see us digitally) without "/P", we will be active from the hotel (which is sadly not located in a park).

We will be travelling on Friday May 10 and back on Monday May 13. Depending on travel time we might start our first activity on Friday evening. We will definitely be active on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12 until late in the evening UTC using at least two radios simultaneously on all usable bands from 80m up (including 60m and VHF - 2m & 6m - if there is any propagation) in SSB and CW.

We plan to operate from 6 to 8 different nature reserves. The exact number will depend on local conditions and propagation. In LX and HB0 we activated 7 parks.

Our gear this expedition:

  • 3x mobile radio's (FT-857 / IC-910)
  • 1x Ameritron ALS-500m
  • Folding Hexbeam
  • Center and end fed wire antenna's (vertical / sloper / inverted v)
  • Triband VHF yagi 2-4-6m

Stations working us will of course get credits for the GFF and WWFF program. Apart from that we will make an award available as we did with our two previous expeditions. There will be three levels for chasers: bronze, silver & gold - depending on how many times you worked our expedition with multipliers for different parks.

We are counting on a minimum of 7 different locations we will activate. Based on that plan the awards will be available as follows:

  • Bronze: 2 parks confirmed
  • Silver: 4 parks confirmed
  • Gold: top 5 score per continent (min. 2 contacts)

The top score per continent will be calculated as follows: 4 points for every park confirmed and 2 additional points for different mode and/or band per park. The awards will be made available for download in the week after the expedition on this website.

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