Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Award and QSL from HB0 expedition

There are special HB0-FF Awards for the activity by YNOMY on May 12 & 13, 2018 for active chasers.

The award can be claimed by entering your callsign in the box below. If you gained enough points your personal award will be downloaded.

Info about the awards: click here

Special HB0-FF QSLs have been printed and sent out, direct (if requested direct) or via bureau. To check if you are in the log, enter your call here:

In the end we visited the following WWFF nature reserves:

The references on Saturday:
[1] HBFF-0134 - Balzner Rheinau
[2] HBFF-0127 - Alta Bach
[3] HBFF-0123 - Schlosswald
[4] HBFF-0120 - Saeliwald
  The references on Sunday:
  [5] HBFF-0060 - Schwabbruennen/Aescher
  [6] HBFF-0121 - Gantenstein
  [7] HBFF-0122 - Stachler Wald

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